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Crafted in Nature. Perfected by Science. Trusted by Farmhouse.​


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Cannabaquin is one of the nation’s preeminent cannabinoid product manufacturers. Our network spans from California, Oregon, Kentucky, and Florida, with an expert group having combined total industry experience of over 50 years! Currently, few firms exist with the level of mastery and institutional capacity as Spectracom. From product formulation and private label services to general wholesale of a wide array of products and brands. Spectracom is dedicated to providing you with both the materials and information to succeed in a dynamic marketplace.

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Crafted in Nature. Perfected by Nature. Trusted by Farmhouse Marketplace.

What do we mean when we say “Trusted by Farmhouse Marketplace”? It means we’ve thoroughly vetted each company to ensure they’re using natural, non-GMO ingredients and undergoing strict certification processes.

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